Choose which one of the three ways to measure your nails for press ons. 


 Sizing with Sizing Kit 

Our sizing kit is the easiest way to measure yourself for press ons. It ensures the best fit for your natural nails. It's perfect for those who want to avoid the hassle of using measuring tape or those having sizing issues. 

  • Order the kit prior to ordering your nail set.  Once you know your sizes from your left and right hand, you can go to the website and select your sizes.
  • Sizing Kits includes nails (0-9) or (0-11), depending on the style.  They are available in 9 styles now.
    • XLONG (coffin) 
    • XLONG (stiletto)
    • LONG (coffin)
    • LONG (stiletto)
    • LONG (square)
    • MEDIUM (square)
    • MEDIUM (almond)
    • SHORT (square)
    • SHORT (coffin)
  •  Most styles measure differently.  Square shaped nails come slightly larger than coffin shaped nails. So, your sizes in a coffin will be different than in a square shaped nail. 

    Check out the "SIZING KIT TUTORIAL" video on the home page. It's a 60 sec explanation on how to use the sizing kit. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.